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Changing Interim Test Grade in TIDE /core/fileparse.php/2367/urlt/Changing-Interim-Testing-Grade-in-TIDE_2021.pdf
Users in TIDE with the role of DA, DC, SC and TE are now able to change the interim testing grade for a student who may need to test off grade in an interim test. For instructions on how to change the interim testing grade, please refer to this Quick Guide.
Generating a Test Status Code Report and Entering a Reason Not Tested /core/fileparse.php/2367/urlt/ELPA-Test-Status-Code-and-Reason-Not-Tested-Quick-Guide_2021.pdf
To generate a Test Status Code Report and enter a Reason Not Tested, please follow the instructions in this Quick Guide.
Quick Guide for Setting Up Your Online Testing Technology /core/fileparse.php/2367/urlt/Quick_Guide_For_Setting_Up_Your_Online_Testing_Technology_2020-2021.pdf
Updated June 22, 2020

This guide provides instructions for settinng up technology (including hardware/software requirements) and installing the secure browsers on computers and devices used for online assessments.

Pausing an Interim or Diagnostic Test Quick Guide /core/fileparse.php/2367/urlt/Pausing-an-Interim-or-Diagnostic-Test-Quick-Guide_20-21.pdf
Updated June 15, 2020

If students are taking an online test and a break is needed, please follow the steps in this quick guide for pausing a test and test session. 

Quick Guide for Generating a Longitudinal Report on Related Interim Tests for a Group of Students in AIRWays Reporting /core/fileparse.php/2367/urlt/Quick-Guide-for-generating-a-LR-on-related-Interim-Tests.pdf
Teachers can generate an aggregate longitudinal report on related interim tests in the AIRWays Reporting System. 
Quick Guide for Modifying Test Reasons in Reporting /core/fileparse.php/2367/urlt/Test-Reasons-Manager-Quick-Guide_6-15-20.pdf
Quick Guide for Modifying Test Reasons in Reporting
Test Session Status Reporting Quick Guide /core/fileparse.php/2367/urlt/Test-Session-Status-Reporting-Quick-Guide_20-21.pdf
Updated November 25, 2019

To view status reports of active and inactive test sessions happening in your district or school in near real-time, use this quick guide. 

Note: This feature is available only for state, DC, DA, and SC Users