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FAQ - Account Information & PasswordsAccount Information & Passwords

  • We generally advised that it may be an issue with their browsers cookie policies. If the cookies are cleared every time the browser is exited, then a new code will be sent to the user every time they launch the browser again and log in.

    Also if a teacher logs out from one machine and logs in again at a different machine then it will recognize the change in IP address from the last login request from that account. So if proctors are all using the same computer or only a couple of shared devices and are logging in that way, it will prompt the code to generate.

  • A feature in Windows automatically lowers or mutes the volume of some apps if Windows detects audio recording. This section describes how to disable automatic volume reduction.

    To disable automatic volume reduction:

    1. Open the Start Menu.
    2. Open the Control Panel.
    3. Select Sound. The Sound window will open.
    4. Select the Communications tab.
    5. By default, the option to “Reduce the volume of other sounds by 80%” is selected. Change this to Do nothing.
    6. Select OK.

FAQ - Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE)Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE)

  • Yes. See your technology coordinator or principal about arranging for a temporary email address for those users who will be test administrators only, and who do not currently have an address.

FAQ - Online Reporting System (ORS)Online Reporting System (ORS)

    • ELPA21 Screener: Results for screener tests that include Step Three responses will be available in Online Reporting (ORS) within seven (7) calendar days after the test is submitted.
    • Note: This assumes that the student had answered enough questions to receive a score based on the participation rules and that the Pre-ID information was correct on the Answer Booklets.

FAQ - Secure BrowserSecure Browser

  • A reoccuring issue with the new student interface is students not selecting "I could play the video and sound" button before selecting "Continue". If 'I could play video and sound' button is not selected after playing the sound/video check, there is a message in red at the top stating 'Please check your video before continuing". 

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